Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chester French, Flobots and Matisyahu at the Warfield on Sunday, November 3rd

Caitlin and I caught a nice show last Sunday at the Warfield. We were a little delayed by a terribly slow KFC experience so we got in just as Chester French was finishing up.

I still don’t know what to think of Chester French. They recently put out an EP, but it was only two songs and a few remixes of material that had been on Myspace for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I like those two songs and the EL-P remix. I’m just not sure if they’re going to crank out some really special material just yet. It’s a shame that we only caught their last couple of songs.

Anyhow, we settled into our seats in the midst of a sleepy Sunday night, only to be roused with some forward thinking political sentiments, statements and songs by the Flobots. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, this group has a unique style and message. I thought it was great that they made a point of addressing the recent passing of Proposition 8 in California, and let everyone know that the protestors in California had inspired gay rights activists in Denver. These guys are fun, but their sound is a little redundant and I found their lyrics hard to make out at the show. The band was more talented than I expected but their volume overpowered the two MC’s at times.

Matisyahu came out last to headline the night. It was instantly clear that he’s a musician with great command of his talent. He played a lot of his newer material and lesser known songs, but it was still a complete set. He also put on quite a beat-boxing exhibition.

Since Matisyahu doesn’t play shows on Saturday nights, if I ever catch him again, I hope it’s on a Friday. It’s just hard to really get pumped for a Sunday night show after a long weekend. Here are a few featured tracks from the show:

Matisyahu - Smash Lies
Flobots - Stand Up
Chester French - EL-P Remix


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Anonymous said...

CHESTER FRENCH ARE THE FUTURE! can't wait for their full length. but in the mean time ive been checking out their featured Top 10 of 2008 playlist on

its holding me over for now. :)