Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SF Sketchfest: Celebrity Autobiography

We saw "Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words" at Cobb's last night. It's definitely a great concept, and it was funny and entertaining, but I wished that they had chosen more current celebrities. I didn't have a solid point of reference for the majority of them. The only one that was really easily accessible for me was the 'N Sync autobiography. I mean obviously, celebrities don't write autobiographies when they're in the prime of their careers, but it was just a little disappointing to feel like I was several years too young to really appreciate the show.

It was cool to see Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte, though. They are all much more attractive in person. Afterward, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte were signing autographs and taking pictures near the door. I would usually never even think to get an autograph, but we were walking right by them and there weren't that many people crowded around, so Ed convinced me to stop and ask them to sign my program. Standing there waiting for Will Forte to acknowledge me was a lot more awkward than I anticipated, but by then I had invested so much time waiting, it would have been even more awkward to just walk away. Literally I think the last time I asked for an autograph, it was a guy in a Mickey Mouse costume at Disney World. Which I was going to tell Will Forte, but then it became too awkward with the waiting, and I got too flustered. And while all this waiting and awkwardness was going on, Jason Sudeikis left! And, no offense to Will Forte, but I would much rather have gotten Jason Sudeikis's autograph...because he's the Floydster on 30 Rock!

All that awkwardness sort of overshadowed my memory of the show itself. I remember that I laughed a lot, though.

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