Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I will not be deterred by Demetri Martin's aggressive marketing campaign.

As you may have gleaned from this blog, Ed and I watch a fair amount of television. And lately, we have been seeing a lot of commercials for this new Comedy Central show, Important Things With Demetri Martin. Yesterday, I read an article about Demetri Martin on The article described his new show as "reminiscent of Chappelle’s Show, except without the racial edge—as if Dave Chappelle were a white guy who went to Yale and was obsessed with palindromes." So that sounds promising, right?

I suggested to Ed that we should check out the show when it premieres. Ed wasn't too thrilled with my suggestion, since he finds the commercials pretty irritating, but I told him about the article and he agreed to give it a chance.

Then last night, he was flipping through the channels and I happened to notice that Demitri Martin's Comedy Central special was about to start. Tuesday is the one night of the week when there is nothing good on, so we watched it, and I found it hilarious. Ed liked it, too, but probably not as much as I did. We were both reminded of a dorky version of Mitch Hedberg, which is definitely a good thing.

So his new show premieres tonight, and today, Gawker and Jezebel are absolutely coated with ads. I have high hopes and I'm looking forward to watching it tonight, as I try to settle down after a new episode of Lost. But all this hype is sort of grossing me out. I feel like this guy's been in my face all week! I'm getting sick of him already, and I haven't even seen his show yet! Cool it, Comedy Central!

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