Monday, June 1, 2009

I am not in a very good mood.

Reasons to hate America today:

  • George Tiller, a brave doctor who helped desperate women with nowhere else to turn, was murdered in church by a religious extremist yesterday morning.
  • Gay people can't get married in California, or most other states.
  • Choosing to ingest a substance more benign than caffeine makes me a criminal.
  • Not only did our country resort to torture, that torture included rape and other horrific sexual abuses. It is unlikely that the people ultimately responsible for these policies will ever be punished. Many Americans continue to insist that waterboarding and other forms of torture are acceptable.
  • Police officers brutally and sadistically taser innocent people, sometimes as many as twenty times, sometimes until their victim is dead, and regularly excuse this repulsive abuse of power by shrugging and repeating the phrase, "Resisting arrest."
Reasons to feel okay about America today:
  • The Hills was surprisingly decent last night.
  • Um...we have a black president, so that's still cool.

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