Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day.

I made this for you.

I hope you had a nice and loving weekend. I did. Ed took me to Spork, in the Mission, and everything was perfect and delicious. He also bought me some miniature cupcakes and salted caramels from Sweet. I love salted caramels and I had actually never eaten a red velvet cupcake before tonight, so that was cool. I wore a dress and high heels and lipstick and a necklace and a thong and a frilly bra, and usually I won't wear any of those things, so for me to wear them all at once is a pretty special occasion, indeed. I realized tonight that before I met Ed, which was a little over six years ago, I had never had a boyfriend or even a date on Valentine's Day, so he is my first and only Valentine. I love him.


Natalie Smith said...

this is cute!! your blog is great!! now that you have more free time, lets get together and do fun things! i have classes mon/weds/fri :)

susan said...

that is the best Valentine's Day of all Valentine's days