Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin = Dolores Umbridge

Apparently Keith Olbermann of MSNBC also noticed Sarah Palin's resemblance to Dolores Umbridge last night. I can't speak for Olbermann, of course, but I can explain why I made the connection.

Dolores Umbridge is a character in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. She also appears in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. When Cornelius Fudge, the paranoid and inept Minister of Magic, becomes convinced that Albus Dumbledore is plotting to overthrow his ministry, he uses Dolores Umbridge to control the goings-on at Hogwarts. Umbridge starts out as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, but Fudge soon promotes her to "High Inquisitor" of Hogwarts, and eventually she replaces Dumbledore and becomes Headmistress.

Dolores Umbridge enforces a failing administration's desperate and unscrupulous attempts to silence dissent and retain power. Hateful and sadistic tendencies lurk below her thin veneer of cloying sweetness. She fires, or threatens to fire, anyone who does not obey her without question, as well as anyone she simply dislikes on a personal level. She is hungry for power, and she cruelly punishes anyone who opposes her. She is also a bigot, demonstrating extreme prejudice against anyone dissimilar to herself, including non-wizards, Muggle-borns, and non-human or semi-human magical creatures.

Why did Sarah Palin's speech last night bring Dolores Umbridge to mind? Because, like the fictional Fudge and Umbridge, McCain and Palin do not and cannot offer effective solutions to our problems. Because they attack those who do offer potential solutions. Because they sarcastically mock their opponents with pointed yet meaningless jabs. Because their rhetoric is full of hate and negativity. Because they are mean, and they seem to enjoy being mean. Because they lash out at anyone who disagrees. Because they would rather control people and restrict their choices than offer them greater freedom or improve their lives. Because they are deeply and desperately afraid of change.

I would rather be on Dumbledore's side, wouldn't you?


Andy Hodges said...

Dear, Democrats: Keep the Hollywood fantasy worlds out of your politics and learn to think on your own for a change.

Sorry, but I'm going to vote for McSame and the hockey mom for this one. Politics is a beauty pageants for the ugly.

Caitlin said...

Interesting response, Andy Hodges. A baseless attack followed by no justification whatsoever for your own position. ("Politics is a beauty pageants for the ugly" doesn't really count as a justification, does it? You know, since it's nonsensical and incoherent?) How unexpected.

Oh, and I'm registered as an Independent, by the way.

Ed said...

I just donated to Obama because the Republicans will do nothing but continue to drive this country into the ground with McCain/Palin. McCain will continue fighting the War in Iraq on credit, throw out Roe v. Wade, Drill-Baby-Drill and continue pandering to lobbyists. McCain sold out in 2000 when he conceeded the republican nomination in a tight race to now president Bush. He has voted with Bush's policies repeatedly over the last 8 years and is out of touch with the current needs of the nation.

Obama and Biden understand the direction this country needs to move into. Obama has proposed incentives for companies developing in renewable sources of energy and wants the United States to be at the helm of sustainable energy industry. Obama also proposes tax cuts for 98% of the population, leaving the top 2% with a manageable increase. The choice for our next president has never been easier, which is why the Republicans would rather rail away at their competition than talk about the issues.

Watching the Republican Convention last night was one of the scariest things I've seen in years. Thompson, Giuliani and Palin continued to talk trash about the Dem's ticket because that's all they can do. They are the party of negativity and fear that has driven this country into a recession.

I can only hope that rational people no longer silently stand by and do nothing as our country continues to suffer from poor government and leadership. After watching the Republican National Convention last night, I donated to Obama. I can only hope and encourage more people to stand up and do the same.

Hodge said...

Yes, you are correct, my comment baseless attack and no that awkward quote wasn't meant as a justification. Although I found this post frivolous and pointless, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusion and went on the offensive like that. Sorry.

Oh and ED I'm interested in hearing more on why you think McCain are out of touch with the issues and will drive this country into the ground. Although I don't agree with McCain on a lot of his stances and I fear that he could end up making the same mistakes that Bush Jr. made I don't feel that is wise to vote for someone to elect someone as inexperienced and as far left as Obama at a time of war and fiscal crisis.

Anonymous said...

It's not a fantasy it's a comparison. Harry Potter is literature adapted into a movie, and literature often draws upon the state of the day and current issues and fictionalizes them to carry a message. It's called a THEME. And themes apply to the REAL WORLD. It's a valid comparison.

Ed said...


Obama is proposing incentives to build the renewable/sustainable energy industry in the US. He is also proposing tax cuts for 98% of the population to take some of the burden off those in the middle and lower classes. What is McCain going to do? Promote the same policies that dragged us down from where Clinton left us and Bush took over in 2000? Cut Taxes across the board and continue to "Win" a war and nation build on credit? McCain will only drag out Iraq, stumble into Iran and flush the dollar down the toilet during the process. I'm much more afraid of what would come with McCain at the helm.

As for Senator McCain being out of touch, he's 73 years old and if elected, will be 74 when starts in the White House. The stress of being President alone is too much for an old man, who has dealt with a laundry list of medical problems and just promoted the governer of Alaska as his VP. Even Joe Lieberman couldn't BS choosing her as his VP the other night. McCain is also out of touch because he's repeatedly making erroneous statements. During the Republican Primary McCain, speaking about Putin said "This is a dangerous person. And he has to understand that there's a cost to some of his actions. And the first thing I would do is make sure that we have a missile defense system in place in Czechoslovakia and Poland, and I don't care what his objections are to it." But Czechoslovakia was dissolved and replaced by the independent nations of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993. What is that nonsense?

If you watched any of the RNC you should have noticed that the Republicans are much more extreme than Obama and the Democrats. Do you hear the Democrats using fear tactics to scare people into the opinion that John McCain will drag this nation down? The Republicans have nothing left to go on. If you don't believe me just wait for the debates.

Also, what has Obama proposed that's so extreme? Universal Health Care? Something both Democrats and Republicans have been advocating the past decade?

And Andy just so you know: McCain has just as much executive experience as Obama. NONE.

Bonnie said...

I made this comparison too! (I just found yours google-searching).

Your comparison is very well-done and well written - mine is much more silly, but all along the same lines/ideas!

it is here:

I am going to post a list of links to other people who have made the comparison (I just heard about the Olbermann one as well) and would like to include a link to yours, if that's ok!

Hodge said...

Thanks for the Ed,

For the record let me say despite my right wing bias I was actually for Obama early in the campaign because I felt that he would correct all the mistakes Bush made during his eight year, however I have become more skeptical of him as more and more time pasted and I feel that going to end up during more harm then good and he is going to end up falling back on most of his promises just like Clinton.

The problem with Obama’s tax plans is that in reality it is likely to widen the gab between the rich and the poor and will have a negative impact on the job market, the stock market and real estate. Obama actually intends to increase the Social Security tax which as history has showed will widen the gap between the rich and the poor. He also intends to double the capital gains and dividends tax. Seriously, why would you want something like when the market is danger of a depression? So the government can waste more on social programs that hardly work? Ha.

As for Obama’s Iraq plan I say that he is well on his way to creating another Vietnam. McCain’s plan while not as sexy seems more realistic to me.

You are correct about McCain’s age and medical concerns being a big problem, but do you honestly think that you shouldn’t vote for someone you think should be next president just because he has the potential to have a major health problem down the road?

I also agree with you that the Republicans threw more mud then the Democrats at their convention. But do you honestly think that the Democrats haven’t used any fear tactics recently? Come on, don’t bullshit me.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

Ed said...


1. There is no way Obama turns Iraq into another Vietnam unless you're comparing it to when we left. That statement is pure BS. Obama wants to have the Iraqi's take more fiscal and military responsibilty for their situation and remove our troops on a timetable. McCain wants to finish what Bush started and look towards Iran. If anything McCain will be the one make a bigger mess like the the Bush's.

2. It is more than reseasonable to shy away from voting from a presidential candidate who might die and has given his VP nod to the governor of Alaska. Everyday more skeletons are falling out of her closet and Cindy McCain even defended her foriegn policy experience, which is none, by telling a reporter that Alaska is close to Russia. As John Stewart pointed out its also close to the North Pole maybe she's tight with Santa Clause. Moreover, the stress of the job takes an increddible toll on the individual who takes it on. Look at before and after pictures of both Bush's and Clinton.

3. Can you compare napalm to a stink bomb? That's how I see the republican's scare tactics as compared to what Obama and Biden have said about McCain/Palin. Obama and Biden point to issues when talking about their opponents. They don't insult the hundreds of thousands of community organizers across the country who devote their lives to improving social conditions in this great country.

4. You gave no reason why as time "pasted" you no longer think Obama is the man for the job. You've probably been listening to McCain, Palin and Fox News a little too much. But while you've been listening have you heard anything about Universal Health Care, bringing our troops home, or a solution to our dependence on oil? The only thing I've heard resembling a solution has been about offshore drilling, which won't solve any problems. Even if we drill the oil extracted won't reach US markets for 10 plus years and oil as a limited natural resource will continue to run dry. Obama wants not just to liberate the US from foriegn oil but oil all together by promoting renewable and sustainable forms of energy. Meanwhile while Shell, ExxonMobil and others post record profits McCain wants to drill for more of the same.

5. When referring to taxes you're using one point about social security taxes to cause all of these negative effects. That's just simply not true. Obama's tax cuts for 98% of the population will do the opposite of widen the gap between rich and poor. It will close it by increasing taxes on estates, dividends and capital gains. Who is scraping by asking why is Obama is raising these taxes? His proposed taxes are aimed at those that can pay in order to pay for the international conflicts we've involved ourselves in, provide health care for all and promote incentives for the energy industry. An industry that will bring an estimated 5 million more jobs back onto American soil. McCain has proposed tax cuts for some of the largest corporations which continue to ship jobs overseas.

So what is your gripe? If you think Obama won't follow through because he's a Dem then you believe the scare tactics. Did you know that the economy has historically preformed much better under Democratic presidents?

I still think the choice for president in November is a no-brainer. The republicans offer no new ideas. That was shown at their convention when instead of talking about what they would do for the American people they spent their time in the spotlight talking trash about the Dems and themselves.

Obama and Biden want to improve America. McCain thinks we've been in a golden age under Bush. I'm pretty damn sure we haven't and I don't want more of the same.

Andy Hodges said...

1. As you might expect I disagree, however for the time being I am not going to focus on this issue since it’s a very important issue and I fell that I really do it the justice it deserves, instead I am discuss and instead focus on responding to your other comments. Sorry, I will try my best to give my take on it at a later time if you insist.

2. Fair enough, you certainly have my respect for this well put view. But, don’t you find it a little ironic that the crowd that focuses a lot on race and gender equality is now coming off as ageist? Consider this, what would you say as a democrat if you had the 80+ year old candidate running for president? Personally, I think it is still best to vote for the candidate that you think will be the best leader regardless of their age and their potential health issues.

3. I disagree, although I do view the republicans as using more nasty scare tactics (especially when you put a shitty news channel like fox news into the equation) then the democrats, I don’t see them any worse then the democrats that have a nasty history of misleading well intended but na├»ve young people and a even nastier history of making empty promises of for positive change.

4. You assume too much. I’m not that kind of right-winger, I actually despise fox news and look, disagree with McCain on many issues, would likely vote for the libertarian or a reform party candidate if it would make a difference, try my best to give both sides proper consideration despite and also I don’t even believe in a god. You know, I could say something similar to what you have said here: that you probably watch too much MSNBC and CNN, that you only consider Obama’s side, are blind consider to any weakness he may or may not have and have became a victim of the scare tactics that democrats use to manipulate you into voting for their candidate, but when I think about it that seems a little too judgmental for me.

5. Obama is doing the same thing Clinton did way back in ‘92 he claimed that he would raise taxes on the wealthy and reduce it for the middle-class however, if you remember correctly he dropped that plan and instead turned the government your typical democratic government where most of your all your tax dollars are wasted and very little is ever accomplished. It isn’t illogical to think that Obama could end up doing the same damn thing here.

6. Was I not clear? My concerns about Obama is that he is not the right candidate given our war and economic situation and it’s not like I am alone in this view although just look at the recent change in the poll’s have. Oh, and please don’t tell me that this change in the poll is because of republican scare tactics, Independents are smarter then that.

As for your claim that the democrats have historically had a better grasp on the economy, it is very well possibly that you are correct. But how can you be certain given the rich history in politics and the fact that both sides say that about their party. The only thing you can say for sure is that Clinton performed much better economically then both the Bush Jr. and Senior, but that would be misleading because Clinton was in office during a period of economic boom when the internet revolution and the fact that both Bush Presidents were very poor at their job.

7. No election should ever be a no-brainer. Perhaps if you didn’t see this election as black and white you would realize that both sides have their merits. I know this might seem odd coming from someone that comes off as a narrow minded republican, but I think that it is extremely important to consistently reevaluate yourself; I know I will with this election.

As always thanks for debating with me. Oh, and sorry about those embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes in my previous post, hopefully I didn’t do anything too embarrassing this time around.

Hodge said...

I fucked up #5, The reason that I am concerned Obama's tax plan is due to me reading the book "Fleeced" by Dick Morris the book has a section that talks about the dangers with Obama's tax plan. The book isn't a bad read if you want to get a better understanding for our political and will do a better job at explaining how Obama's taxes could hurt our economy. Oh, and the book really isn't all that biased, it actually attacks both sides and Dick Morris himself have worked for people on both sides.

Ed said...


I've had enough. Using anything written by Dick Morris in an attempt to make a persuasive argument is where I get off the debate train. That guy is the king of double-talk. He's almost as bad as O'Reilly. At this point its also clear that you're going to vote with McCain and Palin and contribute to the continued degradation of the United States. If they happen to win just know I'll be blaming you when more shit hits the fan.

For a taste of what's to come here are some wise words from your VP candidate: "I think God's will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line
built, so pray for that." -- Sarah Palin.

Right... because God wants us to pay less at the pump.