Monday, March 30, 2009

Emma Stone will play yet another cute but dorky girl in Easy A.

Ed and I watched Superbad last night, in order to compare and contrast it with my screenplay, which is basically Superbad for girls. (I like Superbad, but I think my screenplay is more interesting, just because teenage girls are so much more complex than teenage boys.)

Toward the end, during the scene when Jonah Hill's character drunkenly attempts to hook up with Emma Stone's character, Ed wondered aloud why Emma Stone is always made to look like a dork in movies, despite being so pretty. I'm assuming that he was also thinking of her character in The House Bunny when he asked this question. I pointed out that in Superbad, she has to be at least a bit dorky in order for Jonah Hill's character to conceivably have a chance with her. In general, though, she does seem more relatable than your average starlet, which makes her kind of perfect for cute but attainable type characters.

Coincidentally, this morning I woke up and read that she will be playing yet another social misfit in Easy A. I read Easy A a few months ago, when the 2008 Black List came out. Of all the Black List scripts that I read, it was definitely one of my favorites, and I think Emma Stone is perfect for the lead. Plus, it's about time we start seeing some decent comedies with female protagonists. I'll be looking forward to seeing the movie in 2010 or 2011.


Ed said...

You're totally right about Emma's character in "Superbad." Maybe if Jonah Hill would've stopped inflating himself for long enough she wouldn't have had to dork down herself to play the romantic and possibly unattainable love interest. I think the problem with watching Superbad over and over again is that you eventually realize that these girls are total fantasies that in reality would likely be unattainable for the lovable losers.

In reality, if Emma's character really dated 3 of the more "exceptional" guys in their high school, Jonah Hill wouldn't have a shot in hell. He might be used to supply booze and pawned off to one of her underlings or lead on to see what else he could do for her, but that's probably it. The story ends up reading like a silly fantasy two guys came up with in their basement while the Emma's of their high school were out and about with dreamy Matt Meure.

On another note:
My thing with Emma Stone is more that she seems like a really smart and funny young actress that ends up playing dorky characters because she can. I don't think its what she's best at. I could see her in a roles similar to Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers (Can you believe it came out 4 years ago?!@#? wow). I think Emma could better play a strong female character who's both smart and sexy. I just think she's been getting a little pigeon-holed because of her versatility and its about time to let her out of homework club.

Caitlin said...

All good points, Ed. I think you are probably right that Emma Stone is smart and funny enough to pull off dorky characters, but could also play other types. I bet that you will like Easy A. The protagonist is smart and sort of nerdy, but she is a complex character with a lot of other stuff going on, as well.