Saturday, March 28, 2009

Loving or hating I Love You, Man.

I had every intention of seeing I Love You, Man, regardless of reviews or word of mouth, because Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are great. But last week, my best friend Jess, who adores them about as much as I do, told me that she hated I Love You, Man. Not only that, but the two friends who she saw it with also hated it. She said that there was too much awkward, uncomfortable humor, as in Meet the Parents. I hated Meet the Parents, and didn't watch the sequel, because I also dislike humor that is based on discomfort and humiliation. And when Ed and I went to see Sunshine Cleaning last week, we heard people commenting about how much they hated I Love You, Man as they were leaving the movie theater. Ed and I were baffled and sad to hear this. How could it be bad? It's Paul Rudd and Jason Segel! And it has an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes!

We saw it last night and personally, I really enjoyed it. It wasn't the best of the newly emerging bromance genre, but it was fun and entertaining. I appreciated the fact that the women in the cast got the chance to be funny and interesting, and were treated like real, three-dimensional people instead of cardboard cutouts. And it was nice to see a wedding from the point of view of a man who actually wants to get married, as opposed to the typical bridezilla crap. For me, the worst part of the movie was the actual "I love you, man" declaration, which felt forced and boring.

The audience seemed to enjoy it, and a lot of people even clapped at the end, which was weird. I mean, it's a cute movie, but definitely not the kind you clap for. But then as we were leaving, Ed overheard some teenage girls complaining that it sucked.

I don't know. I liked it. And I found it pretty benign. I could easily understand why some people might find it underwhelming, but I just don't get what there is to hate about I Love You, Man.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed 'I Love You, Man' other than the actually declaration, as you point out. Other than that scene, however, I thought it was a very cute and enjoyable movie. The awkward humor in the movie was definitely not the same type as in 'Meet the Parents', which I also hated. My celebrity crush on Paul Rudd may have made me slightly biased, but overall I really liked the movie, too.

Eric Myers said...

It was written and directed by the guy who wrote Meet the Parents.

Despite the cast, it wasn't an Apatow production at all, though it seemed to have that flavor.

I love how on blogs you can just jump into conversations... hey, what's up. Here are my thoughts on I Love You, Man. I'm out.


Caitlin said...

I was never under the impression that Judd Apatow was involved with I Love You, Man. Although I do like Judd Apatow as a writer/director/producer, I'm a much bigger fan of the group of actors that he's assembled. Since Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Seth Rogan, etc. have such good chemistry with one another, and do so much improvising in a lot of their movies, when you put them together it tends to result in a certain flavor, which I usually love. That's what I meant when I referenced "the Apatow crew."

Sorry for being unclear in the post. I have just come to think of these guys as a sort of comedic fraternity, and there's really no other way of referring to the group without referencing Apatow himself.

Anonymous said...

I just walked out about 2/3rds the way through. I absolutely hated it. Lots of crudity with nothing funny about it. Just awful.