Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This post is for bragging.

Until recently, I took the bus from my apartment in the Marina to my office in the Presidio every day. The bus ride itself was only about ten minutes, but with walking to and from the bus, and waiting for the bus, it usually ended up taking about a half an hour each way.

Finally, I realized that if I had a bike, I could take the path that runs along the water most of the way. I'd only have to go up a slight hill in the morning, and I wouldn't really have to ride in traffic. So I decided to invest in this Electra Amsterdam bicycle. Isn't it adorable? I don't know anything about bikes, I just knew that I wanted it to be cute and easy to deal with. After doing some research, I concluded that a Dutch style bike was perfect for me, and I got this one at a local bike shop.

Now, instead of taking a bus along Lombard, I get to ride past Alcatraz, a yacht yard, the Palace of Fine Arts, Chrissy Field and the Golden Gate Bridge twice a day. My trip takes about fifteen minutes instead of thirty, so I have time to eat breakfast before I leave in the morning, and I'm not at the mercy of NextBus when I want to get home. Plus, it's already helping me lose weight. I am not a bike kind of girl at all, but I am so in love with my new bike. Except for Monday, when I got caught in the rain and showed up to work soaking wet, and had to dry off with paper towels in the kitchen. That sucked.

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Elaine said...

wow, i have to get one of those if i ever go home! looking at the picture, i was about to say that it looks a lot like the bikes we ride in amsterdam :P now you have to master riding it while holding an umbrella! :D