Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I quit.

I feel like the word "quit" has an abrupt and forceful connotation that's kind of outdated in most contemporary quitting scenarios. But I guess it is technically correct to say that I quit my job today? "I gave my two weeks notice" sounds so anticlimactic. And "I gave my two weeks plus two additional days notice" sounds even more anticlimactic.

Anyway. As of February 1st, my official job title will be Trophy Girlfriend/Starving Artist. For a few months, my time will be spent reading, writing, and doing yoga. After that...who knows? A talent agent once suggested that I could potentially make a living as a foot model, so there's always that.

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henry wolfe said...

Congratulations! (I see the first commenter has offered you a lot of stuff to entertain yourself with during your new free time!)