Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is what I think of the Jersey Shore cast.

I adore Snooki. Sometimes I worry that she's beginning to grate, but she wins me back over almost immediately. I do wish she would allow herself to be groomed more flatteringly.

At first, I found The Situation amusing and almost charming, but he has gradually revealed himself to be a deeply tragic figure, which was an interesting development, but it's becoming a downer.

Ronnie is extremely sensitive, extremely shallow, and extremely silly, which turns out to be an endearing combination.

Sammi is an hysterical drama queen who tries very hard to come across as sweet and laid back.

JWOWW is basically awesome, but it's a confusing, slightly uncomfortable kind of awesome.

DJ Pauly D looks like such a tool at first glance, but upon closer examination, he's funny and charismatic in an authentic sort of way. That kid's going places, mark my words.

Vinny is too much of a normal human being to be a good television character, but he does occasionally contribute unexpectedly entertaining commentary.

Angelina has an appallingly inflated opinion of herself, and would not tolerate having her delusions challenged.

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