Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is where I live.

Welcome to our apartment.
This is Ed's closet.

This is my closet.

This is the bathroom.

(The bathroom is inside my closet.)

This is the bedroom.

And this is the living room. (It's the same room.)

We need a new TV stand. (It's hard to find a TV stand! They are so expensive and yet they almost always look cheap.)

This is our bookshelf and our Motts.

This is the kitchen.

This is our breakfast nook. (Right now it is bike storage.)

That's all.


allie said...

I absolutely love it - looks so cozy! Also, probably the most adorable shower curtain I've ever seen.

Caitlin said...

Thanks! I'm kind of obsessed with the shower curtain.

Matt G said...

Ok -- so now I feel like a jerk because you're already tumbling! (But your place looks gr8!)

Caitlin said...

So not a jerk! And my tumbling is kind of confusing and anonymous so it's perfectly understandable.

Paulie said...

Very nice Home, really! specially the kitchen all white!!

Good sundey! Bye Bye!