Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If I blogged in more of a cutesy baby voice would that be endearing or annoying? Would it help me go viral, like Carles's distinctive writing voice on Hipster Runoff? Would it help if I posted cute pictures of myself to verify that I am authentically cutesy and not a poser?

Should I start blogging entirely in rhyme? I bought a rhyming dictionary several years ago and I have barely used it. Maybe I should write television recaps that are also poems?

Does the Internet need more television recaps? I feel like, no. But also, I like reading several different recaps of the same show, because it's interesting to be reminded of how many different ways people can perceive and interpret the same thing. Or "consume" it, as we said in my American Cultural Studies class.

I feel like everything worth blogging about has already been blogged about extensively, and nothing new is happening, and when new stuff does happen, too many other people blog about it before I even have time to process what happened. What should I blog about? Does anyone care what I have to say about anything? Are blogs over in 2010? Should I switch to Tumblr?

I got a Flip camera for Christmas, but what should I do with it? Should I vlog?

How can I become prolific, glamorous, and bohemian?

I have thoughts. I'm just not sure what to do with them. Do you have any suggestions?


Matt G said...

You should try all of the above and see what works! Also, have you thought about maybe starting a tumblr? I find it's very conducive to experimentation and is a less lonely experience than regular blogging, which can sometimes be fun (i.e., it's pretty easy to make friends).

jenn f. said...

Sometimes it is good to not think about anyone but yourself in times of stagnation.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's best to just write it down. I agree with Matt G. try them all, see where it takes you. Sophocles said there was nothing new under the sun and we managed to find plenty of stories and ideas since then. Don't deny us the ideas in your head, let them out and they will take on their own life if you let them.