Friday, January 1, 2010

This is going to be my decade.

I made a list of twenty-two new year's resolutions last night, and one new decade resolution. I'm not going to post the entire list, because some resolutions are too personal. But they range from the banal to the grandiose, including: (1.) go to yoga 2-3 times per week, (8.) paint, (6.) don't bite or pick at your cuticles, (22.) be more social, (2.) eat less candy/cookies/chips, (3.) eat more vegetables/fruit. Another resolution is to devote more effort and attention to my appearance, and to develop a personal style that is more expressive of my taste and personality. (Rather than a lazy mishmash of t-shirts, American Apparel hoodies, and remnants of a time when my parents still paid for my clothes and my primary sartorial objective was blending in on a preppy college campus.) Several resolutions involve writing projects or other artistic endeavors. I have also resolved to rededicate myself to this blog, with a goal of two or three new posts each week.

My resolutions are more ambitious than usual this year, but the turn of a decade seems conducive to dramatic changes, and I feel optimistic. I had been stagnating lately, but now I am full of ideas and intentions. This is going to be my decade, during which I plan to become prolific, glamorous, and bohemian.

Oh, this is a little odd, but Motts made a resolution to start his own blog.


Presh said...

i wish i could be lazy and "like" this post. welcome back to the internets. also, love motts' blog, too!!

susan said...

go for it. I encourage you to keep growing and trying.