Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello, Deco Ghetto.

As much as Ed and I have enjoyed living in the Marina for the past year, it was time for a change. The Marina is lovely, but it feels more like a cross between a sleepy beach town and a preppy college campus than a neighborhood in a major city. It's a bit isolated from the rest of San Francisco, particularly if one is inclined to be lazy and reclusive, which I am. Plus, it's built on landfill, which tends to get all jiggly in an earthquake.

So, over Thanksgiving weekend, Ed and I moved out of our spacious one bedroom apartment in the Marina and into a studio overlooking Market Street, on the cusp of Hayes Valley and the Mission. Our new building, which was built in 1931 and converted from a hotel to apartments in the 1950s, is not as well-maintained as our old building, but it has so much character, I don't mind. Instead of a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the sound of foghorns, we have vintage streetcars running outside our windows all day and all night. And instead of a fifteen minute bike ride along the water, my commute is now forty minutes on two buses. We don't have a garage anymore, so Ed is back to parking on the street. Oh, and our rent is exactly $1000 cheaper.

We haven't finished unpacking yet, and I've had a terrible cold for the past few days, so I haven't really had a chance to explore our new neighborhood at all. But I'm excited.


Presh said...

congrats on the new place! pls post pics when you're all settled!!

Caitlin said...

Thanks, Presh! I definitely will post pictures once everything is all set up.